Monday, November 19, 2012

Los REDD @ The State Theatre 12/7

Usually when you think of Rock en Español or Rock Latino, El Salvador it’s not the first country that comes to your mind, so recently when The State Theatre announced that Los R.E.D.D. would be playing on December 7th a big and happy surprise was among the Salvadoran rockeros. This is not going to be the first time they visit us but for many of their fans this is the opportunity they been waiting for, the chance of seeing them live at one of the most popular and professional venues in our area and that is also very well known for concerts of bands that are popular all over Latin America.
For the past 15 years The State has brought bands mainly from Mexico, Spain or Argentina, where the rock industry always had a better way to export their Rock bands. So it’s more realistic from the commercial point to present bands that have a big success in the US Market so this is a big chance that Los R.E.D.D. are happy to get and become not just the first Salvadoran band but the first central American band that plays there.
The turnout for the this event can be historic because for many Salvadorans that migrated to the DMV area in the past 20 years, this is going to be the first chance of seen in concert one of the bands that were an essential part of a Salvadoran rock movement that was very different from others in past decades, Los R.E.D.D. appear on that 90’s local scene that hit popularity right after the end of a 13 year civil war that had caused lots of limitations to the local entertainment business and specially on a the rock scene that finally by the end of the war was getting a well deserved big chance to get more exposure.
In 1992, San Salvador was a city full of new faces in the local music ambient, bands were coming out of everywhere and a big part of that was the popularity of MTV Latino and local radio stations like Super Stereo 105.7 fm that heavily promoted Rock en Español. Also in the other hand the sound of bands like The Ramones and Green Day made and impact on this new young generation, for example Los R.E.D.D.‘s first album was in English.
So without a doubt those were major factors behind many Salvadoran musicians (that influenced mostly by Rock, Ska, Reggae and Punk) formed bands that started playing at high schools, bars and festivals and that easy picked up a generation of fans that felt very identified with this new generation of rockeros.
Now 20 years later and with plans of becoming the first Salvadoran rock band that tours heavily in the US, Los R.E.D.D. are ready to connect with Latin music lovers around the country, and specially seeing Salvadoran audiences in places like DC, NY or Philadelphia who know all the words to their songs.
And don’t worry if you are not Salvadoran and are still reading this article, the band’s musical style is a diverse mix that takes cues from an interesting array of musical sources, including rock, ska and of course a little bit of cumbia so even if you don’t know their music I’m more than positive that if you come to the concert you would end up dancing and screaming the bands notorious slogan: “Apartense Gatos Secos!!”.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Lunes de Track by Track

HOY! @ The Latin Rock Invasion, presentamos: Track by Track = Las Pelotas - Cerca de las Nubes 11PM CPR 97.5FM